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Sermon Inspired Art? Yes! [Part 1: Palm Sunday]

"How about painting during my Easter sermon?" asks the senior pastor at my internship church. 

We had just witnessed Shawna Bowman creating a communion table and other artwork at the 2014 NEXT Church National Gathering in Minneapolis.  

Sure, I thought sarcastically. Easter, no pressure.  

It's one thing to create a piece at your own pace and your own time but it's a whole other thing to create something meaningful in under an hour, while others are watching, based on the theme and words of another person. No big deal. 

But, in the spirit of improv, which we've been exploring at Pilgrims, I said "yes!" 

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Wrestling with God

:: An Epiphany Sermon and Artwork ::

"Jacob was left alone; and a man wrestled with him until daybreak."

A little over a year ago, I found myself sitting outside a church on the cold, damp bench of a picnic table, dropping the F-bomb on God. Repeatedly.  

I was halfway into a two week intercultural immersion with our unhoused, hungry, mentally ill, and abused neighbors on the Route 1 corridor of Fairfax County. We were meeting some of the most vulnerable people in society, hidden and invisible amidst...

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