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Coloring Pages

You may have seen the recent trend in Coloring Books for Adults.  Well, they are now here for church! 

Coloring is a great tool for kids and adults who are visual thinkers, need something to help them focus on while listening, or who need a more "active" way to meditate, pray, or relax.

Here are some great options for your community...

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Full Throttle

:: A Thought from NEXT Church National Gathering::

I love experiential worship (can't you tell?).  So, when I saw a workshop about it scheduled for the NEXT Church National Gathering in Minneapolis, I was excited.

After talking about the basics of thinking out of the box, we looked at the story of the resurrected Jesus feeding the disciples on the beach from John 21.  I chuckled inside as the leader asked our table groups to imagine a prayer station for this passage - we had just created a table-scape for communion based on this text.  It felt like I had the answer to the test! But I contained my glee and listened to the other group members, realizing that each story has multiple...

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