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Coloring Pages

You may have seen the recent trend in Coloring Books for Adults.  Well, they are now here for church! 

Coloring is a great tool for kids and adults who are visual thinkers, need something to help them focus on while listening, or who need a more "active" way to meditate, pray, or relax.

Here are some great options for your community...

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Sermon Inspired Art? Yes! [Part 1: Palm Sunday]

"How about painting during my Easter sermon?" asks the senior pastor at my internship church. 

We had just witnessed Shawna Bowman creating a communion table and other artwork at the 2014 NEXT Church National Gathering in Minneapolis.  

Sure, I thought sarcastically. Easter, no pressure.  

It's one thing to create a piece at your own pace and your own time but it's a whole other thing to create something meaningful in under an hour, while others are watching, based on the theme and words of another person. No big deal. 

But, in the spirit of improv, which we've been exploring at Pilgrims, I said "yes!" 

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Dreams of Spring and Garden Art

Despite the falling snow outside, I'm thinking about a post-Easter class on Garden Art that is in the works at Pilgrims. Over the last year, we've talked a lot about how we care for the earth, the temporary nature of life, garbage, compost, and death and new life.  After Easter, we're going to be combining these themes by creating art in our urban garden that represents...

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An Identity: Liturgical Artist

We are always trying to fit in, label ourselves, define our role.  Our identity can be based on defining ourselves against something else - "I don't know what I am, but I know I'm not that."  It almost becomes a process of elimination as we go through life. But once in a while, we find it.  The right word, the right paradigm, the glove that fits. And we know...

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