Dreams of Spring and Garden Art

Despite the falling snow outside, I'm thinking about a post-Easter class on Garden Art that is in the works at Pilgrims.

Over the last year, we've talked a lot about how we care for the earth, the temporary nature of life, garbage, compost, and death and new life.  After Easter, we're going to be combining these themes by creating art in our urban garden that represents a moment of resurrection or new life.  We'll use found objects - leaves, twigs, and litter from around the garden, church grounds, and nearby streets - to create sculptures, mandalas, and more.

A church member shared the artwork of Bryant Holsenbeck with me for inspiration.  She creates these amazing installations out of things like water bottles, twine, and bottle caps.  Even a labyrinth out of shoes!  About her work, Bryant says:

“I use everyday items to make art, which transforms the objects and surprises us.”